8. Talks and Lectures

This is a collection of talks held about barebox use and development at different technical conferences. The most recent overview talk is from 2020:

8.1. Beyond ‘Just’ Booting: Barebox Bells and Whistles

Ahmad Fatoum, Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2020 [slides] [video]

Porting barebox to a new STM32MP1 board and a general discussion of design choices like multi-image, VFS, POSIX/Linux API, fail-safe updates, boot fall-back mechanisms, etc.

Besides older overview talks, there’s a number of talks held about different aspects of barebox use. These are listed here in reverse chronological order.

8.2. DOOM portieren für Einsteiger - Heavy Metal auf Bare Metal (German)

Ahmad Fatoum, FrOSCon 2021 [slides] [video]

“DOOM as a boot splash. How, why and how to get it on your nearest home appliance”. A (German) walkthrough on how to leverage barebox APIs to run DOOM on any hardware supported by barebox.

8.3. Initializing RISC-V: A Guided Tour for ARM Developers

Rouven Czerwinski & Ahmad Fatoum, Embedded Linux Conference 2021 [slides] [video]

A guide through the RISC-V architecture and some of its ISA extensions and a walkthrough of the barebox port to the Beagle-V Starlight.

8.4. From Reset Vector to Kernel - Navigating the ARM Matryoshka

Ahmad Fatoum, FOSDEM 2021 [slides & video]

A walkthrough of NXP i.MX8M bootstrap. From Boot ROM through barebox to Linux.

8.5. Booting your i.MX processor secure and implementing i.MX8 secure boot in barebox

Rouven Czerwinski, Stratum 0 Talk 2019 [video]

A walkthrough of NXP i.MX8MQ high assurance boot with barebox.

8.6. Porting Barebox to the Digi CC-MX6UL SBC Pro (German)

Rouven Czerwinski, Stratum 0 Live-Hacking 2019 [video]

Live-coding a barebox port to a new i.MX6UL board while explaining the details (in German).

8.7. Remote update adventures with RAUC, Yocto and Barebox

Patrick Boettcher, Embedded Recipes 2019 [video]

Remote update and redundant boot of Embedded Linux devices in the field with RAUC and barebox bootchooser.

8.8. Verified Boot: From ROM to Userspace

Marc Kleine-Budde, Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2016 [slides] [video]

Using FOSS components, including barebox, for a cryptographically secured boot chain on NXP i.MX6 SoCs.

8.9. Booting Linux Made Easy: A Barebox Update

Robert Schwebel, FOSDEM 2014 [video]

An overview talk on barebox use in embedded Linux systems.

8.10. Barebox and Bootloader Specification

Sascha Hauer, Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2013 [slides] [video]

The bootloader specification and its support in barebox.

8.11. Barebox Bootloader

Sascha Hauer, Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2012 [slides] [video]

An update on barebox development progress with a discussion of newly implemented features in the preceding three years.

8.12. Barebox: Booting Linux Fast and Fancy

Robert Schwebel & Sascha Hauer, Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2010 [slides]

Boot time optimization while using barebox.

8.13. U-Boot-v2

Sascha Hauer & Marc Kleine-Budde, Embedded Linux Conference 2009 [slides]

Early barebox (still named U-Boot v2 back then) presentation on the motivation for the fork and the niceties made possible by it.