Freescale i.MX23 evaluation kit

This CPU card is based on an i.MX23 CPU. The card is shipped with:

  • 32 MiB synchronous dynamic RAM (mobile DDR type)

  • ENC28j60 based network (over SPI)

Memory layout when barebox is running:

  • 0x40000000 start of SDRAM

  • 0x40000100 start of kernel’s boot parameters

    • below malloc area: stack area

    • below barebox: malloc area

  • 0x41000000 start of barebox How to get the bootloader binary image

Using the default configuration:

make ARCH=arm freescale-mx23-evk_defconfig

Build the bootloader binary image:

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=armv5compiler

NOTE: replace the armv5compiler with your ARM v5 cross compiler.