4.14. Texas Instruments K3

K3 is for Keystone 3 and denotes a family of SoCs from Texas Instruments. From these SoCs the AM62x is currently supported under barebox. The boot flow needs several images, only the last stage is supported by barebox. To start up the help of U-Boot is still needed.

The board currently supported by barebox is the BeaglePlay board, see https://www.beagleboard.org/boards/beagleplay. The following examples assume this board is used.

4.14.1. Building barebox

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=<ARM toolchain prefix> multi_v8_defconfig

4.14.2. Running barebox

barebox can be started from running U-Boot with:

dhcp 0x82000000 <serverip>:barebox-beagleplay.img; bootm 0x82000000

To start barebox from SD/eMMC replace the u-boot.img on a bootable SD/eMMC card with the content of images/barebox-beagleplay-fit.img