Garz+Fricke Vincell LT

This CPU card is based on a Freescale i.MX53 CPU. The card is shipped with:

  • 512MiB NAND flash

  • 512MiB synchronous dynamic RAM

  • microSD slot

See http://www.garz-fricke.com/en/products/embedded-systems/single-board-computer/ia-0086r/ for more information. Bootstrapping barebox

The Vincell is shipped with the RedBoot bootloader. To replace RedBoot with barebox, you first need to connect a serial console to the device.

UART1 is located on the Molex header X39. When the Vincell is lying on the display, then Pin 1 on the header is in the lower right:

  • Pin 1 - GND

  • Pin 2 - TXD1

  • Pin 3 - RXD1

If everything is connected right, RedBoot shows up on the console. factory_bootstrap

Turn on the board and abort the boot process with Ctrl-C. Configure RedBoot so that it finds the barebox image on your TFTP server. Execute fc and change the network setup according to your environment. Be sure to copy the Boot script line to the prompt, otherwise it will be set empty. The network setup can be validated with ping -h <serverip>. If the network setup is working properly, barebox can be loaded into memory:

load -v -r -b 0x80100000 barebox-guf-vincell-lt.img

Once in barebox, the bootloader can now be persisted to NAND:

barebox_update -t nand /mnt/tftp/barebox-guf-vincell-lt.img``