Phytec AM335x based SOMs

The phycore-som-am335x is actually not a real board. It represents a set of am335x based Phytec module families and its boards in the barebox. You can find out more about the Phytec SOM concept on the website: Supported modules and boards

Currently, barebox supports the following SOMs and boards:

  • phyCORE

    • PCM-953

    • phyBOARD-MAIA

    • phyBOARD-WEGA

  • phyFLEX

    • PBA-B-01

  • phyCARD

    • PCA-A-XS1 Building phycore-som-am335x

The phycore-som-am335x boards are covered by the am335x_mlo_defconfig for the MLO and omap_defconfig for the regular barebox image.